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LMS Retail Merchandising News

Lawrence Merchandising Services (LMS) has been providing retail merchandising to retailers, vendors and manufacturers for over 50 years. Our 4,000+ W2 employees are in retailers nationwide every week. We know retail merchandising and we know how to deliver success for our clients. Now, we’re excited to deliver the same quality online with the launch of our new website and brand.

“We are pleased with our brand refresh and website redesign. Our company has grown and progressed so much in just the past few years, we felt the new website better demonstrated who we are today” said Christen Johnson, Vice President of Marketing.

Beginning as a supplier and retail merchandiser partner for Target in 1962, Lawrence Merchandising’s commitment to quality, outstanding service, and ability to deliver client value has allowed us to maintain a long-standing relationship directly with Target. Those same values have allowed us to develop a substantial number of strategic client relationships beyond Target and expand our reach to all types of retailers across the United States.

LMS is proud of our long-term relationships and we understand we’ve achieved this track record by earning it every day. If you’ve worked with us you know we’re different. We don’t try to fit your merchandising needs into a template because we know that one-size-fits-all doesn’t work in retail merchandising. We work smarter and faster than other merchandising service companies. Our flat organizational structure and nimble processes make this possible. And our culture and leaders are centered on a deeply held belief of prioritizing the needs of our clients first. Our clients recognize this and tell others. Almost 70% of our new clients come to us from a referral.

“We have earned the reputation of being extremely client focused and we are proud of being amongst the highest performing companies in the industry” said Troy Swallows, Vice President of Client Services.

Our aim was not only to showcase our capabilities and services, but also to illustrate the company’s mission of providing the highest levels of quality service, which starts with putting the client first.

The reality is most companies have very similar capabilities, irrespective of their size. It is really about how capabilities are put to work to deliver the highest performance for clients. We wanted to clearly express to visitors of the site that we get that. It’s about performance, it’s about maximizing their investment in retail services, it’s about putting the customer first” said Pat Donahue, CEO.

Our new website and look reflect our commitment to quality visual merchandising and continuous improvement. Process improvement is part of our DNA, and our passion for improvement translates directly to a better return on our clients’ investment. We hope you enjoy the new experience online and we look forward to increasing sales and profits for you with our custom in-store merchandising solutions.

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