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Surge Merchandising Solutions

We know retail – it is dynamic and ever-changing. Surge merchandising drives immediate product sell-through, resulting in increased sales. There are many times when a sudden change in plan requires fast action. Issues

at the retail level can and do occur, even with the most thorough and careful planning. Your customers rely on

you to react quickly and efficiently to resolve these problems or speedily set new product. Whether you have incorrect packaging that needs to be replaced, changes in pricing, or need to change product placement, Lawrence Merchandising is there with a solution.


Even if you do not have an issue that needs correction, you may just need an extra drive in sales. A periodic

push can help you lift sales where you may see a dip in product performance. There are many factors that can impact your desired results at retail. Initiatives such as demonstrations, coupon programs, new product tests

or introducing a new item can dramatically boost your sales results. When you have identified the need to help give your product a helping hand, contact us and we can assist in executing your plan to its fullest potential.


Regardless of your service needs, we offer backup when your own resources may not be available. With our nationwide coverage, we have a team in place that affords us the flexibility to promptly schedule services for maximum impact. For those times of change when you need a quick response and additional support, we can

be that extra pair of hands, back-up for your in-house merchandisers or the solution to any situation that is

certain to result in a surge in your product’s performance. Lawrence Merchandising has a nationally recognized team of professional retail merchandisers with the skills to get the job done right!



Surge Merchandising Solutions:



Your choice to partner with Lawrence Merchandising is your first step towards initiating a wave of escalated

sell-through that is sure to result in chart topping sales. Contact our office today to see how a partnership

with Lawrence and our surge solutions can push your sales figures to new heights!