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Additional Supplies Order Form

Insignia – Shaws
  • Shelf Edge Channel Clip
  • Top Fastening Clip
  • Door Suction Cup
  • Wire Rack Clip
  • Clip Removal Tool
Click on photo to enlarge

  • Return Labels
  • Credit Memos
  • Excell Vendor Log Sheet
  • Generic Price Labels – Target
  • Generic Price Labels – Barnes & Noble
    • Please call out what type of price labels you need in your request
  • Hang Tabs – for Peg Hook Repairs
  • Generic Replacement Gravity Feed Boxes

Sunglasses Hang Tag Stickers
  • Polarized
  • Men’s
  • Men’s Polarized
  • Blank – Use this for Women’s
  • Assorted Color Dots – All Colors Included
  • White Gloves
  • LMS Vendor Log Sheet
  • Name Badge/lanyard
  • Postage Paid Envelopes

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