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Case Studies

Signing Execution | An innovative solution


The disappearing act of in-store marketing is an unfortunately familiar scenario for many retailers: signs are thrown out, misplaced, set in the wrong location, and sometimes seem to simply evaporate in a store back room. It was happening with new transition signing for one retailer.

Prior to partnering with Lawrence Merchandising Services, the country’s largest retailer consistently observed new signage execution rates of around 50%. And the low success rate was frustrating for them as well as their vendors. For an upcoming transition, the retailer was counting on a new signing package to drive a substantial sales increase. But they wanted to guarantee that signage made it to the sales floor and was executed according to their vision. The retailer approached LMS, and asked us to create a plan and help them achieve their goals.


LMS created a unique plan that addressed the execution challenges and optimized resources. We began by addressing one of the key challenges: tracking signage inventory and preventing it from getting lost in the large backrooms of the stores. LMS determined that the best fulfillment solution was to ship the signs directly to their field representatives rather than to the stores, preventing any risk of getting lost in transit or in the store. The LMS internal logistics team worked with the retailer and printer to develop a plan to manage all kitting and shipping related to the signs, including detailed kitting recommendations that helped the retailer optimize shipping time and cost. To manage the flow of materials efficiently, we used a cross-docking process in our 15,000 square feet warehouse space. Signage was shipped in 6 waves to coordinate with representatives’ installation schedules.

However, getting the signage to the store was only half the challenge; field representatives needed guidance to help them execute the plan efficiently in the stores. So we provided detailed instructions, training guides, webinars and conference calls to ensure consistent execution. We also developed comprehensive service recovery plans, proactively preparing guidance and solutions for any unforeseen store conditions our teams may encounter.


LMS teams received, processed and re-shipped 17 semi-truckloads (502 pallets) of materials to our representatives in just 10 days. As a result of the new planning, training, communication –and the LMS fulfillment solution – our field representatives visited nearly 4,000 locations during the 5-week installation window, and placed over 500,000 signs.The strategy developed and executed by LMS gave the retailer more control and a better way to execute in stores, allowing them to realize the sales increase driven by their investment in the new signing. Our completion rates exceeded client goals for the entire chain. The retailer was thrilled with the execution and is already discussing plans for future transitions.

Over 500,000 signs, in over 500 pallets on 17 semi-truckloads…in 30 days and in nearly 4,000 locations. That’s performance.

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