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Case Studies

Zoning, managing inventory, resets | Lawrence Merchandising Services sweats the details


As the Lawrence Merchandising Services teams often say, LMS sweats the details…because we know that in retail, execution is everything. This was certainly the case with a new continuity service client.

A client contacted us because they were unhappy with their existing provider. They had worked with several merchandising service organizations and were dissatisfied with the performance of all of them. So they called us. They asked us to zone, manage inventory, and complete resets for freestanding fixtures for nearly 30 different retailers on a recurring basis. This was not a simple execution: the service required the field representatives to manage the visual presentation for hundreds and up to a thousand unique items in each store, placing them in the designated location per the product placement guide. In addition, the field representatives had to report individual store conditions and other details for future planning and execution initiatives. Providing an accurate view of the product in every single location was essential for inventory integrity management to the client.


The LMS cross-functional team dedicated to the client quickly built a comprehensive plan. Robust training for teams in the field was critical to execution, especially for a project oftentimes involving hundreds of items in each store. The team developed detailed instruction guides and training webinars, followed up with in-store training and an extensive support program to assist field representatives while in the stores. And they didn’t slow down after they created the training plan. When the program started, we launched an extensive Quality Assurance Plan. The LMS internal Quality Assurance team reviewed the submitted call reports and photos daily to identify and address additional training opportunities.

They worked closely with the Field Service Coordinators to fix inconsistencies and find immediate solutions where necessary. To provide clear and actionable data for the client, LMS created a customized reporting solution using mobile technology that allowed the client to view data based on their specific needs. Using our automated workforce management system, our representatives captured over 50 data points and upwards of 12 photos per service visit. Annually, over 2 million of these data points are assessed for accuracy.


To date, LMS has achieved nearly 30,000 reported visits, with almost 40,000 reported hours by over 2,500 field representatives. They have consistently achieved 99% completion rates on a monthly basis. The client is achieving their internal sales goals, extremely satisfied with the service and continues to expand their partnership with LMS.

40,000 hours, hundreds and up to a thousand items in each store, 2 million survey data points and 99% completion rates. That’s performance.

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