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New Hire Orientation Frequently Asked Questions

How are my calls scheduled?

All projects will be scheduled at 8AM on the start date of the project. You are responsible for rescheduling each call for the date and time that you intend to complete the call. This is done by clicking ‘Reschedule’. Once you schedule yourself for a service, that date becomes the new project due date. If you service after that scheduled date, it will be considered late if not reported before the next morning.

How do I report my time?

After completing a service you will login to Natural Insight and fill out the survey associated to the service you completed.  At the end of the survey there will be a timekeeping section for you to fill out to submit your time.

What do I do if my project is taking longer than the expected time?

If you need extra time, check the project instructions for information regarding extra time for that specific project.  Note what the additional time was needed for when asked about extra time in your survey.

Why do I have multiple calls for the same service in the same week?

This is most common with Target Jewelry and Sunglasses. Schedules change every month based on a visit frequency set by Target Corporate. There could be some months where you have up to 4 visits for Jewelry or Sunglasses. These must be completed on separate days and spread out thru the entire week of service.

When do I get paid?

In order to be paid for a project, you must complete the survey in NI by the date you scheduled the project for. Payroll is every Thursday. Our internal payroll cut-off is 11:59 PM Eastern every Thursday, so any calls reported after that will not be paid until the next pay period. To find a list of payroll dates go to the ‘Resource Center’ under the ‘Employment Information’ section and choose the ‘Payroll Calendar’.

How do I view my pay statements?

You can view your Pay Statement and Pay breakdown by project within the UltiPro system.  Your welcome email included your UltiPro login information.  You can also view or change Tax Withholdings, Direct Deposit, Update personal information, and Manage your contacts and dependents within the UltiPro system.

When am I going to receive opportunities?

New opportunities are scheduled in Natural Insight on a daily basis.  After completing all five steps of the New Hire Orientation process you will be included in the daily opportunity deployment process.  You may not immediately receive opportunities if there are not any available in your territory. If that is the case, make sure to log into NI daily. New opportunities are deployed around 4:00 PM CST each day.

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