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Working As A Part Time Merchandiser


Lawrence Merchandising Services is hired by retailers, national brands and manufacturers to help them make their product look great in stores. As a retail merchandiser, you will execute in-store projects or routine maintenance that helps drive sales for a product or category. For example, during one project, you may apply stickers to a certain product in your store. During a second project, you may pull inventory from the backroom and put it on the salesfloor.

In addition to one-time projects, some positions include assigned weekly routine maintenance work, such as completing visual merchandising for the jewelry and sunglasses sections in a store every few days or replenishing greeting cards on an endcap each week.

Flexibility is a unique and attractive benefit of the job. Rather than having a regular and pre-determined schedule, you will log onto our online system each day to view and choose project opportunities in your area. If you choose to accept a project, you are then able to schedule the date and time you wish to complete the project, as long as it is within the date range provided.

The number of projects and amount of available hours will vary significantly each week. Some territories have many projects and other territories have few.

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More About the Part-Time Retail Merchandising Job – FAQs

Typical merchandising activities

  • Visual merchandising
  • Stocking product
  • Researching inventory issues
  • Setting product to planogram (visual product guide)
  • Auditing planograms
  • Keeping the product area clean and organized
  • Putting stickers on products

What stores will I service?

As an employee, you will be given access to our online System where you will have the ability to accept or decline the available merchandising services at retailers in your area. You can decide which locations are most convenient for you. Most merchandising services are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. You will have the ability to become dedicated to certain locations and services (availability will vary nationwide) once fully onboarded. We service most major retailers nationwide including big box stores, department stores, grocery chains, hardware stores, office supply stores, dollar stores, and more

When will I work and how many hours?

Flexibility is one of the many perks of working for LMS! Merchandising services that you accept or that you are assigned to generally must be completed within a 1-week window. Typically, you will have the ability to schedule the services sometime between the hours of 8am-6pm Monday-Friday. Weekend opportunities are available in some markets. You can accept anywhere from 0-20 hours per week. The availability of services will vary greatly throughout the year, and we do not guarantee a set number of hours each week. There may be time periods where services are not available.

Why do the hours vary?

The hours vary throughout the year because of the needs of our clients. Some factors that influence the availability of merchandising services include: time of year, location of retailers, upcoming holidays, size of the retailer, and more. There are times that we have many client services happening at the same time in multiple retailers in the same city. Some clients require us to complete one-time projects, such as applying UPC labels to items; others need us to complete services on a continuous basis for certain products such as stocking shelves or monitoring inventory levels. Our Merchandisers use an online system where the service opportunities are accepted on a first come first service basis. They are responsible for creating and managing their own schedules, so they have most of the control on what their calendar would look like.

How do I manage my schedule and submit surveys?

Each day you will log into our online system to manage your workload and everything related to your job as a merchandiser. You will be able to view service opportunities that are available in a variety of retailers in your area based off your home address, accepting the services that are conveniently located to you. Once you accept a merchandising service, you then are prompted to schedule the service visit at the retailer within the required timeframe. After you have performed the merchandising service at the retailer, you will log into the online system and complete a brief survey report regarding the service. We prefer this to be completed while in the store (required at least on the same day you completed the in-store visit). Once you have completed your reporting, LMS will pay you for your work on your upcoming paycheck.

The online system includes a personal calendar featuring your upcoming service visits, provides access to the service visit instructions, alerts you to service updates, and includes a clock in/clock out feature which tracks the time you spent at a retailer completing each service visit. Visit instructions, plan-o-grams, training information and most resources are also available on the system.

What kinds of services will I do?

You will have the opportunity to perform many different merchandising services such as restocking and maintaining displays. There are also resets, installs, inventories, audits, placing signage, placing stickers, and much more. When using the system, you can view the details of each service opportunity prior to accepting the service. Most of the services are simple light-duty services. If a merchandising service has special requirements it will be clearly stated.

What kind of products will I be working with?

You will have the opportunity to work with all kinds of products. There is a lot of variety with the products that we merchandise including jewelry, sunglasses, greeting cards, gift cards, clothing, fresh flowers, and much more. When using the system, you can view the details of each service opportunity.

How far do I have to travel?

You will view all service opportunities within 50 miles of your home. You can view the address of the retailer where the merchandising service needs to be completed. You then get to decide if it is a location that you are comfortable commuting to.


LMS offers awesome flexibility in a job. I can schedule my work to times that fit for me. With projects that offer a wide timeline, I am easily able to work and help out at my kids school anytime.

- Brian, OR

I have the ability to choose the work that I do. Many jobs don't offer that kind of independence.

- Ardemis, CA

I worked for four other merchandising companies before committing myself 100% to LMS. I truly enjoy LMS the most.

- Sue, MO

LMS has turned out to be such an awesome company to work for. It’s the perfect job.

- Sue, CA

The LMS reporting system is the best in the business – other companies are difficult and have unnecessary paperwork that must go along with the computer reporting. I am honored to work for such a great company.

- Essie & Sid, NJ

There is so much that I like about working for Lawrence. I love the work and the people, the flexible schedule, and the easy-to-use reporting system.

- Monica, MD

The (application) process was easy, and quick. Within a few days, I was hired and put to work.

- Dennis, AK


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